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  • We are a full service company. We do equipment upgrades, energy efficient pumps, variable speed pumps - motors and booster pumps. We install heaters, timers, chlorinators and salt generators. We do minor remodels, small crack repairs, minor or major plumbing repairs. We also have leak detection resources. If we don't do it, we have resources available to us that may help you in any of your swimming pool and spa needs.

    Full Service

    Full service consist of pretty much everything. We net and brush the pool, clean and degrease filter as needed. Vacuum pool as needed, control algae and add chemicals and condition pool water. We do not charge extra for filter cleanings or conditioning pool every year, it is a part of the full service. This service runs around $100 and up.

    One time Cleaning

    This usually consists of vacuuming the pool to waste, cleaning the filter, balancing the chemicals and conditioning the pool water. This service runs around $150.00 and up.

    New Plaster Start ups

    This service has no implied warrantees of any kind but it's a great start to getting your new plaster cured properly. Note; Equipment must be in good condition and the filter must be cleaned prior to plastering pool. Equipment must run 24/7 for at least one week.

    1. Brush pool for 5 days straight. Add stain inhibiter, metal out.
    2. Adjust PH daily
    3. Adjust hardness 
    4. Adjust Alkalinity 
    5. Vacuum plaster dust to waste. Sometimes more than once is needed. 
    6. Clean Filter, add chemicals and condition pool water.

    Pool drained

    If we can just drain the pool then that runs around $150. The pool water must always be discharged into the sewer clean out. 
    If the pool needs to be drained and power washed and with chemicals and filter usually runs around $250. Inspection is required before any solid quotes can be given. Sometimes it can run up to $350 or $450 depending on the amount of labor needed.

    Filter Service

    Filter service consists of taking the filter cartridges or the DE elements to have them power washed, de-greased or acid washed, then returned and installed. The cost of this service is $75. Inspection is required for this price.